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New Motor Installation services

Do you wish to change the way your garage looks from the inside? Do you wish you had more space in the garage? If so then you are advised to install a smaller motor that looks good in every garage and saves the precious garage space. We can help you have access to the motor of your choice at discounted rates as we have sources common people may not have. We have done Garage door repair at Tarrytown for years so you can trust us to install the new motor nicely, smoothly and at lightening fast speed.

Apart from helping you get through with the task of new motor installation, we can also assist you to get the heavy duty task of new door installation done. As we are doing the doors and motor installations for years, we know of all the safety precautions and we follow them so that you don’t have a disaster in your hands. Contact us and we can also play a key role in making sure that the motor we have installed is working in the expected manner. We will also help you to get hands on experience with the door and motor so you get a hang of it before we leave.

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